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Tips for Selecting
the Right Gate
Hardware-mounted walk-through child safety gates attach with screws to walls and banisters in the same fashion as hardware-mounted child safety gates. With a walk-through gate, however, only a portion of the gate or “door” swings open and closed instead of the entire gate. This style of gate is ideal for small areas and even wide areas where an extra-long gate is needed and swinging the entire gate would be inconvenient or impossible. Walk-through baby safety gates come in many shapes and may even extend up to 20 feet or more. Some must be mounted in a straight line while others may be configured around corners or irregular shapes to fit almost any space you need. Favored for their flexibility and design, most walk-through baby safety gates feature one-hand latching for adult convenience. Since all walk-through baby safety gates have a bottom threshold, it’s especially important that they be closed after entering or exiting and that they not be installed on staircases whenever possible.

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